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Silkie Chicks

Silkie Chicks

Anybody can order a silkie chick from a hatchery, but the quality of our chicks sets us apart. Our silkies are bred for superb quality, conformation, and docile tempterment. Silkies are often refered to as "lap chickens" or "bougie" bantam chickens. They are the perfect city and backyard chicken pets. Silkies typically lay 3 small eggs a week. They are loyal, effectionate, and and extremely docile.


Silkies are available in several colors recognized by the American Poultry Association.

Of the colors, we currently hatch are:

  • Splash
  • White
  • Blue


All silkie chicks are sold straight run, that means they are not sexed.  


Shipping is overnight through the United States Postal Service. Chicks are guaranteed to arrive in good health.



**For customers who live locally, please preorder your silkies and we will call you when they are available for farm pickup. Please order your chicks prior to pickup.  This is the only way you are guaranteed your order. 

  • Shipping

    Minimum order of 6 chicks is required. 

    Chicks shipped EXPRESS MAIL through United States Postal Service


  • Refund Policy

    All shipping boxes are zip tied sealed to ensure your shipment is the exact order sent from our farm.

    Chicks are guaranteed to arrive in good health.  

    Chick health guarantee valid up to delivery. 

Hi there! We expect to begin shipping sometime between May and June. I will definitely let you know prior to shipping. Thank you! Dennita
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