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Dozen Rainbow Eggs

Dozen Rainbow Eggs

A dozen rainbow eggs includes everything in this picture:  4 beautiful pink/purple blooms, 4 olive eggs (OE) some with blooms or speckles, and 4 gorgeous black copper marans.  Egg color varies, so there will be some color variation.  Sometimes the OE blooms are gray, other times light green.  Sometimes the purple and pink blooms are speckled, sometimes they are various hues of pinks and purples.  All of these hatching eggs are bred back to our gorgeous black copper marans roos to ensure the rich colors our customers love to add to their egg baskets.  


The cost per dozen is $100. Priority shipping across the United States is $25.  We cannot guarantee shipping dates.  We hope to begin shipping March 2022, but your location and the weather plays a huge factor on shipping.  We do promise you will receive your eggs as soon as we can ship them to you.  Remember, just because you ordered them in June (for example), does not mean you'll receive them in June.  As soon as the eggs are laid and we can fullfill your order, we will ship your eggs. 


We pride ourselves on packaging your beautiful eggs with much love and care.  Each egg is gingerly wrapped in bubble wrapped and carefully placed in a shipping box full of dense packing materials.  We Priority ship one dozen eggs per box to avoid pressure on each egg.  We do our best to ensure your eggs arrive ready to incubate within 24 hours.  The reality is once your package leaves our farm, the United States Postal Service is in control of your beautiful eggs.  In the past, our customers have had excellent service and hatch rates, but there is never a guarantee.  We place our trust in the hands of every USPS worker across the United States.  Therefore, the Red Barn Farm cannot be held responsible for the care of your eggs duirng shipping. 





  • Shipping

    Priority shipping and shipping materials are included in the egg price. 

  • Refunds

    The Red Barn Farm is not liable for any shipping issues.  

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