Our goal is to create a BACK-to-BASICS school here at the farm.  It just makes good sense as public school drifts farther and farther away from common sense education, morals and values.  


We have prayed a thousand times, and we will pray a thousand times more as we lay this at God's feet.  


Wood and cocrete prices are higher than and ever and the cost to build a modest school house is very expensive.  


Nothing is too big for God.  


WE believe #faiththesizeofamustardseed can move a mountain and create INCREDIBLE DREAMS!


WE hope you will join us in making this dream possible for the children in our community!  Parents are looking for highly qualified, licensed teachers to teach their children.   If everybody reading this donates $20, $30 or more, our school will open next year!  Imagine the possiblitlies!  Imagine the precious lives we will impact.  Planting seeds of knowledge and wholesome values in the hearts of young children means they will not depart from their understanding when they are older.  


Please keep us tightly wrapped in prayer.  WE need everybody lifting us in prayer each and every day.  We hope you will follow us on FaceBook and Instagram as we share the entire process of building a farm school in our community!  Thank you for your love and support.   


Hugs, Mike and Dennita