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Chicken Rent/Processing Class

Chicken Rent/Processing Class

Our Chicken Rent/Processing Class is designed to provide a unique opportunity for people who want to learn about raising and processing their own chickens. Whether you live in an urban area or simply don't have the space to raise your own flock, our program is perfect for you. We offer pasture-raised chickens that are free from antibiotics and other harmful additives. With our expert guidance, you'll learn all about the process of raising and processing your own chickens, so you can enjoy fresh, healthy, and delicious meat anytime you want. 


For just $15 per chicken, you'll learn the ins and outs of raising and processing your own poultry.  The class is $15 plus the rent of your first chicken.  Additional chickens are $15 each. All you need to bring is a cooler with ice and we'll provide everything else you need. This hands-on class is perfect for anyone interested in sustainable farming practices. Join us today and start your journey to self-sufficiency.  Call 804-536-6879 for more information.


DATE:  July 21 at 7:00 am we will begin teaching you how to process your chickens.  You must rent one chicken in order to register for the processing class. (The date is subject to change based on the weights of the flock.)

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